Fern Leaves

about this event

Eccentric Artists is excited to bring back one of our newest events: Open Conversations! In this virtual event, we highly encourage our community to join us in a discussion about the realistic aspects of being an artists & openly talking through it. Tackling conversations that aren't normally said, but mutually felt. 

The theme for this conversation will center around: Inspirations.

Eccentric Artists has curated a few topics to touch on at this event, but for the most part it is rather freeform. We could be completely on topic one moment & talk about some TV shows we enjoyed for another, we're going with the flow of natural conversation.

If this intrigues you, please join us! We love to bond over this (to be honest, us board members even started Eccentric Artists in the first place because of these talks), so if you haven't joined an event so far - we most definitely recommend this one. Meet new people, make new friends! Be sure to RSVP down below so we can get a head count! We hope to see you there!

Follow our social media for more updates on this event! @eccentricartists.space

Plants and Coffees




Saturday Feb 27th, 7:00 - 8:30 PM PST


Google Meet [ jyn-bccz-aif ]