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Co-Founders of Eccentric Artists:

Tiffanie Rose Ignacio, Samantha Rodriguez, Veronica Castillo De la Vega, Jemsen Yumico Bollozos, Nadine-Gabrielle Natividad

Our Story

2020 - 2022 Original Eccentric Artists Logo
Created by: Sydney Mendoza

Eccentric Artists formed in 2020, at a time many of us needed a way to connect with each other as well as come back in tune with our creative practices. That longing for an artistic community is what shaped Eccentric Artists and what drives us to continue to grow the film collective to this day. The Founders, Jemsen Yumico Bollozos, Tiffanie Rose Ignacio, Nadine-Gabrielle Natividad, Samantha Rodriguez, and Veronica Castillo De La Vega, wanted to create a collective space that motivated and encouraged our community to "connect, create, and collaborate." We began with hosting virtual, film-centric gatherings such as discussions on movies, Livestream interviews with our Featured Artists, and online Film Challenges/Showcase screenings on our Youtube Channel as an easily accessible medium for artists to interact and spread awareness of their own work. Setting up a website and constant social media presence also made it possible for those in our community to advertise their projects and network with each other. Since then, we have transitioned to hosting more in-person events, ranging from arts-based workshops to our highly anticipated annual event: Shameless Plug Arts Festival. As an evolution to our film collective, Eccentric Artists officially became an LLC in September 2022 where we continue our mission of uplifting our film community by redefining business production standards, and creating opportunities for shared upward mobility, especially for underrepresented artists.


About Eccentric Artists, LLC

How our mission continues to be deeply rooted in Community.

Eccentric Artists is a hybrid art collective and creative media company that specializes in producing events and creative content that empowers artists to connect, create, and collaborate. Established in 2020 by an all women-led group of filmmakers, our team is dedicated to creating a thriving artistic community by allowing our resources to be easily accessible, both in-person and online.


Our mission is to redefine business production standards, promote diversity and inclusivity, and create opportunities for shared upward mobility, especially for underrepresented artists.

At Eccentric Artists, we believe that celebrating each other’s creative endeavors help not only bring us closer together, but inspire us, both as a collective and individuals, to grow.

Meet The Team