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Eccentric Artists, LLC creates media that abides by our mission in creating opportunities for shared upward mobility by producing media that not only meets high production standards, but also contributes to the betterment of the community.


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Feature-Length Documentary, CRAVE, is now in production which follows 3 passionate activists from Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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HOME: A Mother of 3000

The documentary will focus on Positively Arts, an organization that uses the arts as a tool to educate, inspire and empower youth in Southern Nevada.

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Eccentric Artists' next short film is in the works! More information coming later this year.

Web series

artists canvass

a series where we have a deep focus conversation on local artists

Join us on our very first episode of Artists Canvass where we dive into the ins and outs of a rock band living in Las Vegas.


Our conversation with the Three Legged Dukes covers their beginnings, the art of performing live, the state of the local music scene, lessons learned from recording their music, and more!


Featured Members: Santiago Luna, Jared Scott, & Jacob Blair Follow Three Legged Dukes on all their platforms & listen to their latest singles "Ants Party Time" and "Bullshit Rodeo" on Spotify, Apple music, etc.


Producers: Eccentric Artists, Blake Gilmore Editor: Tiffanie Rose Ignacio Cinematographer: Blake Gilmore

Want to collaborate with eccentric artists?

Do you have a project that you think aligns with our company? We're always seeking something new to get involved with! From the usual events we host, something completely new or even a production — we'd be more than happy to hear your ideas out!

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