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eccentric artists presents



SATURDAY, MAY 7TH (2:15 PM TO 6:00 PM)


4505 S Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154


About this Event:

Eccentric Artists is excited to host this workshop with our Guest Host, Stephanie Matute! Join us for a hands-on experience designed specifically for women starting out in the film industry. Anyone who expresses interest in all sorts of positions from pre to post production are welcome as there will be something to take away for everyone! Although Hollywood has a long way to go with inclusivity, we don't want that deter you from finding a space for yourself in the work environment!


How does it Work?

The workshop will be split into two at the start: one for hands-on experience with camera builds, and the other will lean more towards overall Advice on Career and Department Specialization. The common link that brings it back together is Documentary filmmaking - this is where we will simulate run & gun shooting for a documentary with Improv Actors. These techniques go easily hand in hand with reality show filmmaking and gig work in Las Vegas. We will be sharing all sorts of helpful tools you can start to adapt even into your own sets now, that can help shape your confidence and work ethic for the industry.

Run & Gun Shooting Simulation

During this segment, both groups will combine to engage in a Run & Gun simulation on a documentary set. This easily goes hand and hand with experience on Reality TV or Corporate Gigs present around the Las Vegas scene. At this time we will be also be joined by three wonderful improv actors:

Each attendee under the Hands-On workshop will be given a chance to camera operate using the Easy-rig & go through the motions of being familiar with the process. Career & Department Specialization will be overseeing the simulation & demonstrate the similarities that can relate to industry standard gigs. And also the importance of being knowledgeable of all positions on set, how things run, and understanding the work that goes behind a shoot to properly run a set.

Learning Objectives;

  • Provide a space for Women Filmmakers to learn alongside other women & gain confidence in a safe environment.

  • Personal Advice to filmmakers on steps to take before landing an industry gig.

  • Understanding the importance of below the line positions (1st AD, Production Coordinator, Script Supervisors, etc), and the versatility it takes to fully comprehend the management of a production from pre to post.

  • Attendees will gain hands-on experience by performing their own camera build and learn about various types of cam-op equipment, from entry level mirrorless to higher-end cinema cameras.

  • With mentor guidance, attendees will be able to practice operating a scene with tools such as an Easyrig and Dana Dolly.

  • Attendees will be introduced to how a run and gun shoot works with the aid of Improv Actors during it, and these techniques can be applied to industry gig work.

  • Documentary techniques are often used on commercial shoots—a huge part of the local film scene. Being informed about how docs are made can aid in being hired for jobs later on.