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Hybrid Live Action and Animation

A workaholic woman is taken on a journey back in time by a troll that reminds her of that inner child she once used to be.

Imaginary Frames Productions Presents

In Association With Troll Nishi And Cuando Baje Cine

Trollback* A Film By Fabiana Chavez Del Valle

Assistant Directors Paula Petocoav and Ana Lugo

Featuring Actor:
Paula Petocoav As "Nishi Girl
Gendyeva Lucatero Suarez as Nishi Momma
Johan Mancillas Torres as Cuient
Josu Ramirez as Client
Hardins Ulloa as Client Vanira Cota Ramirez as Client

Music By Kevin Macloed "*Pookatori And His Friends"

Produced By:
Fabiana Chavez Delvalle and Paula Petocoav

Edited By:
Fabiana Chavez Devalle

Production Design:
Fabiana Chavez Del Valle Paula Petocoav

Production Crew:
Paula Petocoav, Ana Lugo and Josu Ramirez

Director Of Photography D.O.P Hardins Ulloa

Art Direction:
Ana Lugo And Paula Petocoav

Fabiana Chavez Delvalie

Story By:
Fabiana Chavez Del Valle Paula Petociav and Ana Lugo

Directed By:
Fabiana Chavez Delvalle

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