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Land of Waves


“Land Of Waves” is a film produced by La Casa Pielroja (L.C.P.), a Las Vegas based film cooperative exploring the language that unites us. This short film is a documentary like exploration of the spoken word poet, composer, and performer Elizabeth Allen Berry.

Both the Audio and Visuals were captured on cassette tapes to emulate the past. As if peering into a memory, the film reflects the tangible state of life, constantly degrading and imperfect. We dive deep into Elizabeth’s reclamation of their natural joy and love found in their childhood. Owning the power of transitioning and finding gender euphoria, this is a journey of self-love.

Witnessing beauty in moments once forgotten, “Land Of Waves” will take to an alien world and transform one’s own reality into one of awe.

“let space be our blanket

And fate be our bed time story.”

A film by L.C.P. Production House

Elizabeth Allen Berry

Directed by David Garzón

Edited by Sophie Karg and David Garzón

Costume Designer - Diana Romero

Written and Performed by Manuela Ocampo and Santiago Sandoval

Sound Design - Elizabeth Allen Berry

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