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Eccentric Artists is happy to announce that we selected our next collaboration for "SimulCast Theatre!"


What is SimulCast Theatre?

  • We created this brand new platform for any writers and/or Directors to submit a script and Eccentric Artists will host a LIVE event, where we cast actors & conduct a live script-reading. Not only is the purpose behind this live event for the writer to receive feedback on their script, but also for the audience to take note of any of the actors and writers they may want to collaborate with in the future! Most importantly, we thought it'd be an excellent way to get scripts out in the public eye while the pandemic is still an issue with filming!

What to expect?

  • We're opening submissions to ALL interested in having a live-reading in collaboration with Eccentric Artists! We will be creating the environment of your script & virtually bring it to life!

Why is it Live?

  • We want to not only do a live-reading to showcase the talent behind you individuals, but to also utilize this time as a workshop so we highly encourage you all to join us and provide feedback as we go along. We will dedicate time at the end for any questions open to the Writer and Actors!

What's the script and who are the actors?

  • Down below you'll find the our Writer, Script, and we're also conducting an Open Casting Call! We will be revealing all elements throughout the month! So be sure to stay tuned & check back frequently!

SimulCast Theatre goes LIVE on

Saturday, may 22nd @ 7:00 Pm PDT!

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"Last Death of 1962"
written by Chai Simone


The LAST DEATH OF 1962 takes place in the titular year and focuses on Lauren Dobowicki, a man spiraling into an existential crisis following multiple alcoholic stints, a deeply troubled home life, the weight of his unfinished novel, and a fatal car accident. Following the accident, he returns to his office job as a forensic reporter after going MIA for a week. Caught up in a troubled state, Lauren can find solace in only his quiet and kind coworker Lucy. After a brief conversation that breaks up Lauren’s panic, Lucy passes a note to Lauren that reveals a dark side to her nature, and possibly her domestic situation. Desperately convinced that he needs to insert himself into a potentially violent narrative, Lauren decides to take action in order change their lives forever. When doing so, Lauren approaches Lucy’s home only to find her her covered in blood, setting off a strange bond between them that blurs the lines between fantasy, reality, and death.

Download PDF here to view the Script!

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Writer | Filmmaker | Art Director | Storyboard Artist | Graphic Novelist
Film Critic | Makeup Artist

Chai Simone is a writer, artist, and filmmaker whose storytelling emphasizes the cerebral and visceral natures of experience, often focusing on themes of trauma, mental health, identity, and relationships. In exploring the lives and fears of others through a wide range of genres, namely psychological drama and horror or the modules thereof, the writer has created and collaborated several film and comic projects into fruition within the last seven years.

She has appeared in several short films made in Las Vegas taking on a great variety of roles, whether it’s director, editor, actress, creature designer, storyboard artist, screenwriter, assistant director, story consultant, production assistant, makeup artist, and creative/art director. Her work includes creating stop-motion puppets for the feature film Shellfish, makeup artist on the upcoming horror feature Christmas Slasher, and several independent short or feature-length screenplays, much like The Last Death of 1962. At the University of Las Vegas, Simone also ran a screenwriting event in which writers would come together to discuss and critique each other’s work, resulting in some of the partakers to go on to produce their scripts.

Outside of film production, Chai is also an avid film critic, taking pleasure in not only watching and analyzing films, but taking them apart on the site Filmsnobreviews as well. She also helps run a podcast on the site as well alongside fellow critic William Eguizabal. She’s covered films and spoken with filmmakers from festivals such as Sundance, Fantastic Fest, SXSW, LVFF, Fantasia, and others. She also works as a content writer for ScreenRant. 


Her art interests has also spanned into the world of comic books, fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a graphic novelist by having two projects in the works and on their way to being published. 

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"Last Death of 1962"
Actor | Producer | Teacher

Jesse Bourque is a film and television actor based in Los Angeles with almost a decade of experience in theater and film. He has worked in many different aspects of production and teaching including: acting, voiceover, directing, lighting design, audio production, and fight choreography. Graduating with an MFA from the University of California Irvine in 2020, he has performed in 36 professional theater productions and produced 3 of his own. 


Jesse was born and raised in Las Vegas. As far back as his memory goes, he has always wanted to act and entertain. Whether he was doing standup sets in living rooms to make his family laugh, or performing in theater spaces for thousands, he finds true joy in collaborating with diverse artists to create meaningful experiences for audiences. His credits range from performing in The 80s Show: The Musical at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino to playing Macbeth in Shakespeare's Macbeth at UC Irvine.


He wishes for everyone to stay safe during these trying times and hopes you enjoy the Eccentric Artists SimulCast reading of the Last Death of 1962!

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Ophelia Broaddus is a Las Vegas based actor who is currently studying in UNLV’s Stage and Screen Acting program. This is her first time working with Eccentric Artists; she has previously been apart of productions such as Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead and Couple of the Century with UNLV’s Second Stage, starred in the movie Beta, and worked on several short films.

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Actor | Comedian | Writer | Script Supervisor
Purple headshot 734KB.jpg
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Caryn Ruby’s work has been featured on “Good Morning America” “The Wendy Williams Show,” and at Chicago’s famed Second City. “Baked Goodes,” the15-episode web series she co-created, & co-starred in, was listed in Newsweek as “what to watch on marijuana’s biggest holiday” - right between Comedy Central’s “The Time Traveling Bong” and Snoop Dogg’s “Grow House.”

In 2020, her screenplay “Daphne’s Revolt” was awarded semifinalist in Women In Media’s Cameraderie Act 1 competition, her pilot “The Selfless Activist,” semifinalist in the Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay competition, and the comedy sketch she co-wrote and stars in, “Poverty Tourism” premiered at the Houston Comedy Film Festival as a finalist for Best Dark Comedy Micro Film.

Caryn discovered her passion for socially-conscious comedy in her home town of Chicago. She’s performed at Snubfest, Chicago Sketchfest, Gilda’s Laugh Fest, Zanie’s, and Jokes and Notes, and shared the stage with Tiffany Haddish, Donnell Rawlings, and Iliza Schlessinger among others.

Active both in front of and behind the camera, Caryn is also an accomplished Script Supervisor. She’s worked alongside Oscar and Emmy award-winning crew on award-winning projects, including the Women In Media Camaraderie initiative GRAND PRIZE WINNING FILM “Blood and Glory” which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, and “Growth,” a short film written, directed by, and starring Allison Miller (“A Million Little Things”).

An advocate for Women’s empowerment, she is proud that 90% of all projects she has worked on have been directed by women, with virtually 50% being women of color.

Before comedy, Caryn earned degrees in Psychology (B.S.), Exercise Science (B.S.) and Kinesiology (M.S., University of Michigan), became a nationally-qualified bodybuilder (!) and moved to Los Angeles to become a chiropractor. However, once she realized her knack for cracking jokes was way more fulfilling than cracking joints, she quickly switched gears and began studying and performing at The Second City, The Groundlings and comedy clubs across the country and twice in Singapore.

The multitalented, multifaceted comedienne is currently polishing a television pilot and preparing to launch her new podcast, “Script Supervisors: Unsung Heroes of Film & TV”

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SimulCast Theatre

Let us know if you'll participate!


Saturday | May 22nd, @ 7:00 PM PDT