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saturday | january 30, 2021 @ 7:00 PM

 Event Details 

Eccentric Artists is happy to announce a brand new upcoming event called "SimulCast Theatre!"


What is SimulCast Theatre?

  • We created this brand new platform for any writers and/or Directors to submit a script and Eccentric Artists will host a LIVE event, where we cast actors & conduct a live script-reading. Not only is the purpose behind this live event for the writer to receive feedback on their script, but also for the audience to take note of any of the actors and writers they may want to collaborate with in the future! Most importantly, we thought it'd be an excellent way to get scripts out in the public eye while the pandemic is still an issue with filming!

What to expect?

  • We're starting out with a script from a fellow Founding Mother (Nadine Natividad) as we experiment with this medium, but after, we will be opening submissions to ALL interested in having a live-reading in collaboration with Eccentric Artists! We will be creating the environment of your script & virtually bring it to life!

Why is it Live?

  • We want to not only do a live-reading to showcase the talent behind you individuals, but to also utilize this time as a workshop so we highly encourage you all to join us and provide feedback as we go along. We will dedicate time at the end for any questions open to the Writer and Actors!

What's the script and who are the actors?

  • Down below we will be revealing all elements throughout the month! Stay tuned!

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"Just Girls"
written by Nadine-Gabrielle Natividad


Mary Clara and Sophie are just two best friends in an absolute hurry to get to a party they're running late for. But on this rainy night, their other best friend Cindy shows up unexpectedly and things get a little ... complicated.

Download PDF here to view the Script!

Or select from below:

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"Just Girls" Cast
Be sure to visit our Instagram to view Actor Announcement videos!
  • Sophie (21)

    a wild party girl who's also an easy-going and affectionate friend. 

  • Cindy (22)

    put-together pre-med student, and often more boisterous and raucous than she realizes.

  • Mary Clara (21)

    nicknamed MC, a soft-spoken, artistic, and generally the "mom" friend.

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SimulCast Theatre

Let us know if you'll participate!


Saturday - January 30th @ 7:00 PM PST


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