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Eccentric Artists Interview | Hosted by 49 Hour Film Festival

The 49 Hour Film Festival invited Eccentric Artists for our very first interview all-together, hosted by Marquise Hebbler (one of the founders of the festival)!

We're very excited to announce our latest collaboration this year with the 2nd annual 49 Hour Film Festival! Given the history of our friendship and collaboration, we knew that it was the perfect partnership since we share the same core mission—to spotlight talented local filmmakers residing in Las Vegas. The upcoming 2nd annual 49 Hour Film Festival is set for November, with the competition scheduled from November 3rd to 5th, followed by film screenings and awards a week later on Nov 10th and 11th. Building on the success of the inaugural year, the 49 Hour team has decided to enhance the event by incorporating additional short films, aiming to make this year's festival even larger in scale. We're very thrilled to be part of their growing festival and to help them run another successful year! For more information, click below!

Special Thanks to:

49 Hour Film Festival

Jaden Morelli @jaden_stal_morelli

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