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Deeply Rooted

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Written By: Jenny Egidio


Being a 1st generation Latina female working in the film industry comes with its own types of challenges. I still experience culture shock to this day with unexpected things.

Seeing my family rise up from their humble roots pushed me to make their sacrifices fruitful and yielding. Yet having this position gave me a unique set of strengths. It has given me the opportunity to connect with artists internationally and has kept my perspective open. It constantly reminds me to step into the shoes of the person in-front of me, to always try to glean knowledge from the other side.

It's my dream to see more unique niche stories on screen that we can connect to. It's important to see ourselves represented, so that we feel more human, more understood, and less alone.

With this last year I feel like the world as a whole is craving inspiration and connection more than ever. I hope to see the artists of my generation respond to that calling.

Being even a small part of that, is truly a privilege.


Jenny Egidio (6th Edition - Featured Artist0

Makeup & Sfx Artist

Jenny Egidio has been a working Makeup & SFX Artist for Theater, TV and Film for 15 years. Having graduated from UNLV Film with a focus in art design, writing and directing, her background in indie filmmaking has sharpened her skills against Murphys Law. Viewing any setback as a challenge to get inventive, her passion for story telling and creative collaboration fuels her drive to keep all the wheels running smoothly, for the sake of art.
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