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Still Carousels

Rock/Jazz/Pop Indie DIY Band

Still Carousels is a San Francisco based indie DIY band whose sound seamlessly melds influences from countless genres including rock, jazz, and pop. They formed, originally as a trio, in 2019 when founding members, Frankie Sinclair and KC Kravitz, moved to the Bay Area to reunite with Frankie’s childhood friend, guitarist Gunther Roth. Vocalist, Daphne Hawthorne, was added later on, to provide vocals that came to add a signature tune to the trio’s shoegazey and cathartic instrumentals.

This is a mini-series. Still Carousels is planning to start filming its pilot episode in late 2021. The series is directed by Alex Anilao.  Produced by Rising Suns Studios, Samantha Rodriguez & Timmy Hanlon. It stars Mikayla Viloria, Keyon Kelp, Tom Wertheim & Timmy Hanlon.

IG: StillCarousels

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