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Skanky Banks

Ska Jazz Cumbia Fusion

Emerging from the Las Vegas music community, Skanky Banks is a band of musical warriors on a mission to spread peace of mind, heart, gut and soul.

"Music is a great expression of self love. Making music from the heart and performing it is a vulnerable experience, but it's important to constantly push through fear and pursue happiness and unity." - Mel, Vocalist IG @mal.fa.bon

"I'm in the process to unlearn the false concepts and be the best version of my caotico self where we naturally learn from each other and flow." - Felipe, Vocalist IG @mellowkarma

"I want everyday people to feel like they have the right to pursue their dreams. In this light, Skanky Banks is a symbol for human rights, fun, community and spirituality." - Daniel, Rhythm Guitarist IG @dpgmusik

Social media
IG @skankybanks  
Facebook @sk4nkybanks

Featured Work

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