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All Featured Artists, 1st Edition

Noah Kiriu

Cinematographer | Photographer

Hi! My name is Noah Kiriu, and I am a Cinematographer who was born and raised on the island of Oahu, but who now resides in the equally sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. I've had an interest in film for as long as I can remember, I mean some of my earliest memories are of picking out movies to rent at Blockbuster with my family. I started to learn about film production in high school, and continued to study film at UNLV. In Las Vegas I have had the privilege to find so many people who are really invested in creating art, and creating a community that supports fresh and diverse voices. I am in the process of finishing shooting my first feature film as a Cinematographer "Goodby Kaito" directed by Anaeus Sherer. The film is fully independent, being produced out of pocket by the filmmakers, and would have been totally impossible without the support of so many in the local film community. These friendships and collaborations are what keep me excited about every new day, and I am looking forward to making more art! Quick fun facts: I like bugs and the movie "Tremors" probably too much.

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