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All Featured Artists, 2nd Edition

Justin Bergonzoni

Kings of Horror Creative Content Director
Sin City Horror Fest: Co-Founder

Since receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Film from UNLV in 2007, Justin’s had the privilege of wearing many hats in the filmmaking process from directing to editing. He has also worked many years as a camera operator and production sound recordist with local Las Vegas production companies Light Forge Studios and Critical Focus. When Justin’s parents moved him and his older brother, Craig (UNLV Film Grad 2003), to a middle of nowhere Nevada gold mining town in the 1980’s, their only access to anything horror or film related was a subscription to Fangoria Magazine, a VHS copy of The Making of Thriller and the only video store in town called, Oggie Troggs. Horror and film has been a part of Justin’s life since he was very young. From watching his first horror film, Nightmare on Elm Street at five years old, to studying filmmaking under the tutelage of horror icon and UNLV Professor, David Schmoeller (Tourist Trap, Puppet Master, Crawlspace), the genre has always had a strong presence in his creative palette. In 2017, just help co-found Sin City Horror Fest, an international horror film festival held here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Recently just was hired as the Creative Content Director for the YouTube based horror channel, Kings of Horror.

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