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All Featured Artists, 5th Edition

George Mentchoukov

Cinematographer | VFX Artist | 3D Animation | Photographer | Director

For George Mentchoukov, the limitations in his work go as far as his imagination and will to learn goes. Such efforts led him to be extremely adept at disciplines such as Cinematography, VFX, 3D animation, photography & most importantly--directing. During his time at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas he won multiple awards for his films such as "Shoot First" & "I Want Fish" which both won Audience Favorite awards. Then there was "Comme Ci Comme Ca" which swept the entire awards ceremony during the 2019 UNLV 48 hour Film Festival. Even after graduating, George strives to challenge himself on every project by using all of the skills necessary to fulfill his vision. He took those things he learned in school and put them to practice in his freelance career. Through utilizing cinematography and animation, he's had the opportunity to work with various clients such as HyperX, Allied Esports, Brightline Express, and much more. With the pandemic still in full swing, George has been working on lots of smaller projects--taking the opportunity to sharpen his skills while waiting for his chance to be fully unleashed.

Follow George: Instagram, Vimeo

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