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Megan Olenick

In-House Director of Photography

Biography —

Megan Olenick is a Honduran-American cinematographer and filmmaker based in Las Vegas, NV. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film where her thesis film, "An Arrangement of Skin," earned her a nomination for the Student Heritage Award by the American Society of Cinematographers for her outstanding visual work.

Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of artists on various projects. From feature films and short films to music videos and stop-motion animations, she has lent her expertise and creative vision to help bring these works to life. Her love for painting, storytelling, and writing is woven into her creative process and approach to every project, allowing her to bring a unique perspective and style to each piece.

She strives to create unique, emotionally driven imagery to amplify unheard voices and positively impact, connect, and heal people through her art and creative process.


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