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Ayce Mangapit


Biography —

Ayce Mangapit is an all around creative artist with a focus on filmmaking and the video production process. They graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts in Film.

In editing, Ayce has done a wide range of work from narrative shorts to social media editing for various Youtube Channels and organization accounts.

Known for their contributions in resurrecting UNLV's Filipinx American Student Association (FASA) as well as directing 2 of their first ever Pilipinx Cultural Night productions, Ayce Mangapit strives to create films that celebrate and recognize Philippine culture and identity, As they continue developing themselves as a creator and artist.

Outside of filmmaking you can find Ayce dancing, modeling, doing content creation for social media, and most recently acting.

To learn more follow them @lifeofayce @filmsbyayce



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