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Eccentric Artists Presents




a new web series

a variety of local artists that are given a platform to talk about what they're most passionate about.

Featuring: Jared Scott, Santiago Luna, and Jacob Blair

Co-Produced & Shot by: Blake Gilmore

Three Legged Dukes

a Las Vegas based rock band

Join us on our very first episode of Artists Canvass where we dive into the ins and outs of a rock band living in Las Vegas. Learn about the trio from their start and evolution to self-producing their own content right from their own home.

Follow Three Legged Dukes on all their platforms & listen to their latest singles "Ants Party Time" and "Bullshit Rodeo"

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Interested in being a part of Artists Canvass?

This web series is currently in development! Eccentric Artists and our Co-Producer, Blake Gilmore, are constantly seeking our next subject. If you would like to participate or recommend anyone in the Vegas community, we would kindly love to hear!

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