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Submitted by: Saul David Clavano

“MEN’S WRONGS” is a music album by local artist Saul David Clavano, reflecting on the emotions and inner monologue of any boy or man after a breakup. It jumps into the whirlwind of questioning and insecurity they feel after a breakup.

Saul initially started writing this project as a way to reflect on the experience of a situationship he had in his college years, but realized instead to jump at the oppurtunity to inform and educate his fellow men of how dangerous it is to cultivate and propagate a culture of toxic masculinity and anger after a break up.

Some people go about their days mad as heck over the people who broke their hearts and they make it their personality to be hateful and rotten - never even seeing that they played a part in that heartbreak too.

It is very important to self reflect, especially for men to self reflect, and “MEN’S WRONGS” is an attempt to put it direct and in your face to say “you have some acknowledging to do and a lot of self care to work on, before you can go around breaking yourself and other peoples hearts”

If interested: @sauldavidclavano or 725-287-5400

This is just the beginning of my projects! Up next on Saul’s lineup of projects he will dive into and write music about culture shock! family dynamics! Life and death!

Saul and his band Dreamglass are also absolutely open for booking - let us play a show!

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