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Looking for filming location

Submitted by: Ani Rogy

"Flicker" is the directorial debut for local artist and filmmaker Ani Rogy.
Written by Jordan Roberson, the short film narrates an artist's battle with grief and self-isolation as he works on his next series of paintings. As he longs for company, he finds solace within the flames of his lighter, which allows him to see his recently deceased friend once again.

We are filming from July 26-28, and are looking for an art gallery location in Las Vegas. We would need an open space that allows us to display some pieces and can hold around 20-25 people for about 4 hours

DEADLINE: July 10th
Contact Email: (Nic Patrick)

Please contact Nic Patrick (First Assistant Director) if you are able to assist us in our search or have any further questions.
Thank you!

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