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Arecibo Films

Submitted by: Zachary Fried

At Arecibo Films, you can rely on talent, hard work, and experience to bring your project to life. Currently, we have no full-time employees; so, each of your projects will have a personalized contracted crew. Additionally, Arecibo Films is proud of its unique crews that exhibit the talent of seasoned professionals and local film students. Some students train at the College of Southern Nevada, University of Las Vegas, and L Makeup Institute. Our production services are specialized for small business owners, filmmakers, and college students. Whether they need small production assistance or full-service, we are here to support them. We create narrative, documentary, and commercial productions. Our projects include but are not limited to the following items: -Showcases & events -Short films and BTS -Music videos -Real estate videography

Depending on your needs, we can provide your production with include but are not limited to the following items:
- Cast & crew
- Production insurance (general liability, third-party equipment rental, workers' compensation)
- Payroll
- On-set equipment (crew-owned or third-party rentals) (lighting, camera, sound, expendables, grip, and more)
- Post-production software (Mojave, Adobe Suite, Logic, and more)
- StudioBinder
- Access to Sam’s Club for deals and catering
- Location management

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