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Fresa's Skate Shop

Stickers, Shirts, Socks, Wheels

My Name is Amanda but my friends call me Fresa. Born in El Salvador. I began my journey as an entrepreneur in 2020 after losing my job of 10 years.

Being a skater in Las Vegas, I shared the frustration of having to buy everything online or travel to other states to buy skates. So one day I was sitting on top of the Fresa Ramp and told my husband, I want to open my own skate shop and of course being the supporting husband he is, he said ok with no hesitation.

Fresa's Skate shop- is not just a shop where you will find skates, and cute accessories, but a place where you can come and hangout, skate in our indoor mini ramp, and take skating classes. We will also offer rental skates.

Fresa’s Skate Shop- will also support our local Artists in our community by allocating a section in the retail store for the Artists to display an art piece and sell a portion of their art apparel.

Instagram @fresas_skate_shop_lv


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