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Co-Founder and Co-Director of Eccentric Artists
Creative Media Strategist & Director

Career: Director, Production Coordinator



Jemsen Yumico Bollozos, an Emmy and Telly Awards recipient, is a filmmaker in Las Vegas. She co-founded Eccentric Artists in 2020, where she serves as co-chair, nurturing community partnerships and managing media relations. She's an advocate for diversity in film, highlighted by her 2020 ABC Channel 13 interview. Notably, in 2023, Jemsen directed a commercial campaign series for Visit Las Vegas "The Heart of Vegas," showcasing the diverse stories that define the vibrant Vegas community. Currently, Jemsen works at Frequency Pictures a production company based in Las Vegas and LA.


Jemsen's dedication to exploring the depths of the human experience is evident in her work. She actively pursues captivating passion projects in various stages of development and post-production. Additionally, Jemsen was granted the myCAUSE Charitable Foundation – Empathon Filmmakers’ Grant and directed a feature-length documentary, "HOME: A Mother of 3000." Simultaneously, she is directing "CRAVE," a feature-length documentary that addresses misguided representations through art activism. Her commitment to storytelling and social impact continues to drive her work in the world of filmmaking.

Featured Narrative Work: Reflection + Insanity


At the heart of vegas - episode 1

At The Heart of Vegas" is a series campaign that I had the opportunity to direct for Visit Las Vegas. I'm thrilled to share with you the first episode featuring Oscar Gonzalez, a highly talented neon bender. Many of the neon signs you've likely seen around Vegas may have been created or restored by him 🙂 We feel fortunate to tell his story and highlight the impact he has made on our community and its history ❤️ You can learn more at

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