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Tarot Readings

My name is Amy Brewer. I am a Psychic Medium and level 1&2 Reiki Healer. My readings are full of insight to help you connect with your intuition. I intuitively pull cards and create spreads to guide people into better understanding what energy is being presented to them so they can navigate through life’s many obstacles. I have a beautiful gift to connect empathetically with all beings on a soul level and it’s lead me to the spiritual practice of Tarot readings and energy work.

Services: My offerings for the festival will be a selection of readings to choose from.

I have a few different card decks I will be using.You can simply “Ask a question” ($5) and you will receive an answer! I will have a mini reading with a three card pull for your “past, present, and future” ($10).

And lastly a full reading using my “Intuition” spread ($20) where we look at your past, present,future. We take a look at your path and obstacles. You will also receive a message from your angels, guides, or spirit team to close the reading. I will interpreted and explained what each card means for you as we sit together.

Instagram: @brewha.healings

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