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Bangtan Berry Co

Clear and Vinyl Stickers, Post cards, Folded Greeting Cards, Phone Charm, Key Rings

Anya and Flo are Filipina-American artists based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two cousins always loved stationary goods and collecting stickers as kids. Now as adults, they also share a love for a popular band named BTS. In late 2020, they decided that outside of their 9-6 jobs, they would open Bangtan Berry Co, a BTS inspired stationary shop to combine the two things they love the most. The online shop serves as a creative outlet that brings happiness to Anya and Flo as well as other BTS ARMYs. They’ve participated as vendors for several events throughout Southern California and Nevada.

As proud BTS ARMYs since 2018-2019, they love to travel for BTS events and concerts in the US and South Korea, outside of their full-time day jobs and online sticker shop. BTS not only inspires them to express themselves creatively, but most importantly, BTS encourages them to foster self-love through their music and lyrics, reminds them of the importance of their mental health and to be an advocate for important causes.

Anya and Flo hopes their art can send a message to others that loving something and being part of a fandom, whether it’s through music, film, or sports, is something to be proud of.

“The morning will come again, because no darkness or no season can last forever.” - Spring Day, BTS, 2017

Instagram: @bangtanberryco | Twitter: @bangtanberryco | Etsy:

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