A Word from The Founding Mothers

The focus of our workshop is to not only talk about our personal reasons for starting Eccentric Artists, but also to serve as a space where everyone shares their experiences and we all learn together. It’s one thing to study film in school, watch movies, or even work on shorts with your friends. It’s another to be thrown into the industry to learn set etiquette, technical skills, logistics, and the like. Eccentric Artists is not just about showing off what you can do, but also helping guide and inform each other for a more inclusive and cohesive art community!

Let us know if you can join us!

We would love to take this opportunity to meet you in person & direct all sorts of questions our way! We'd love to share what Eccentric Artists has in store for everyone hitting our 1 year anniversary, so come join our lil sneak peek into that as well!

If you're unable to make it, we're always a DM away on all of our social media! 💕