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Post-Production Coordinator

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About Tyler —

Tyler Yarbro is an idea. And ideas cannot be killed. He’s watched V for Vendetta 72 times; His favorite part is when it ends and he says quietly to himself, “this is film school.” Many have tried to end his life. Many have failed.


He spends his time immortalizing himself in his short films. Have you heard of horcruxes? It’s kind of like that but better, because he cannot be killed, as previously mentioned.


Tyler Yarbro has walked this Earth for a millennia. His lizard-like skin is no mere wrinkling. It is a learned skill from the great ancestors of this planet, the Anklyodons. Did you know Anklyodons can sprout out their skin to create some form of meat barrier for protection from predators? Tyler Yarbro can do that too.




In short, Tyler Yarbro is an up and coming director/editor currently working as a coordinator for a post production house employed by Netflix in LA. His work includes award-winning comedic short films such as ‘Pawn Power’, ‘Christmas Dinner’, ‘The Talk’, and more. Tyler continues to challenge himself in what he can create, with his first dramatic narrative in the works.

A Christmas Dinner | Short Film

Director | Editor: Tyler Yarbro

Writer(s): Tyler Yarbro, Shane Follen

Cinematography: Joel Martinez

Production Design: Audrey Page

Pawn Power | Short Film

Director | Writer | Editor: Tyler Yarbro

Producer(s): Nadine-Gabrielle Natividad, Paul Dixon

Production Designer(s): Chai Simone, Audrey Page

Special Effects Coordinator, Puppeteer, & Grip:

Dontae Carter, Zachary Honae

VFX Supervisor & Colorist: George Mentchoukov

Milk | Short Film

Director | Writer | Editor: Tyler Yarbro

Producer | Puppeteer: Paul Dixon

Boom Operator | Sound Mixer | Key Grip:

Nico Giordano


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Selection Statement

A menacing voiceover at a Christmas party, a fortune teller uncovering oedipal secrets, chess piece warfare--these are all wildly out-of-pocket scenarios and yet Tyler Yarbro has managed to create engaging short films with these ideas (and win multiple awards for them, no less). After just living in Los Angeles for a little over a year (and during a pandemic no less) he is now working for a prominent post house as well as starting a short film project. Keep up to date with Tyler’s work and view his past projects by subscribing to his YouTube channel and Vimeo.