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What is

"The Incredibly Awful Truth"

Podcast about?

The Incredibly Awful Truth Podcast opens up conversations with today's youth entering various industries, from Filmmaking all the way to Ecommerce. This podcast is a space where young adults can find solace with stories and experiences from people their own age. Hopefully in return finding bits of advice that can help them in their own journey. Follow the host Ryan Balaz for updates on Instagram @Ryanis.ok.

A Note from the Board:

Eccentric Artists would like to thank Ryan Balaz for having Samantha Rodriguez join for the latest episode of his Podcast! We're happy with how the interview went & proud to share this with you all! Sam did an excellent job, so be sure to check out the links to listen.

Episode 2:

"Sam along with her other board members have created the artists collective known as Eccentric Artists. The collective has created a warm and welcoming approach to building a community of artist whose voices may not have been heard otherwise. Sam also offers an incredible in depth look at what life looks like for a post grad facing life in the COVID-19 pandemic. "

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