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About Ruliko —

Ruliko has been surrounded by the arts her entire life, and one of her earliest memories are of watching her dad dance on multiple stages in Las Vegas and on cruise ships during his many European tours.

She was classically trained at the now closed Fern Adair Conservatory of the Arts since she was 3 years old, and it was there that her love of storytelling through movement blossomed. Eventually, she wanted to expand on her love of storytelling and graduated with her B.A. in Fine Arts, with a concentration on stage and screen acting, from UNLV in 2018. 

Her main goals are to find more ways to fuse dance and acting together, expand and incorporate more Asian artists in her work to really showcase the incredible talent within the industry, and to break the stereotypes that the media has placed on the Asian Community.

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This Body Was A Shelter | Open Solo

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Actor | Drama Reel

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Selection Statement

The dedication and passion in performing arts is one of the most admirable traits of Ruliko. At a very young age, her love for dance grew and developed into a profound and meaningful storytelling. She conveys messages and expresses herself through movement which expands into acting. Ruliko’s eagerness to tell stories drives her to explore storytelling even in film. In addition, we at Eccentric Artists admire her commitment to working with other local artists and sharing connections within the community through art.  Her tenacity and determination bring a positive impact to the people especially the Asian community as she makes her way to create a wonderful project that focuses on breaking the stereotypes and highlights Asian artists.

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