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"Positively Arts is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that empowers kids for life by building confidence through performance and artistic discovery. We fortify students’ social and emotional development by providing the tools, positive outlets, and community support through which kids can develop the confidence and resilience they need to excel in every aspect of their lives. 

Since 2014, Positively Arts has served over 20,000 students through our arts-learning empowerment and mentorship programs, has provided over $200,000 in scholarships and tuition assistance for more than 10,000 low-income and at-risk students,
and is proud to be building community for children in Southern Nevada."


The Board at Eccentric Artists is honored to announce that our very own Jemsen Yumico Bollozos has been awarded the Empathon Filmmaker’s Grant –  a grant from the PLAYSTUDIOS Impact Fund that encourages diversity in filmmaking and gives young female filmmakers a voice to tell stories about the organizations who serve, support and lift the communities in which we live, work and play.


Jemsen will direct the film in collaboration with Eccentric Artists and Dayna Womack serving as Producers. The documentary will focus on Positively Arts, an organization that uses the arts as a tool to educate, inspire and empower youth in Southern Nevada. The attentiveness that founder Pilita Simpson shows her students goes beyond the performing arts and provides a comfort that secures her students’ mental and emotional well-being. When we realized just how many of our core values at EA align with those at Positively Arts, we knew that capturing their amazing work on film was something very important to us. We cannot express enough how excited we are to begin production! Our hopes are to also make this an educational opportunity that we can share with our community by recruiting more young female filmmakers to our crew!

Our first meeting with Pilita Simpson and

Producer Dayna Womack at Show Creators Studios

(one of the many locations Positively Arts hosts their events).





March 2022

Mid-July 2022

August - October 2022

Positively Arts Documentary — Production Begins.

Scheduling varies upon the availability to shoot classes, rehearsals, or upcoming events. Crew necessity will vary upon the type of shoot date, so some days may be more skeleton while others may require more crew.

End of Production, Beginning of Post-Production.

Editor will begin assembly on the short documentary

Social Media Marketing Editor will produce Teasers, Trailers, and Marketing Materials for Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

Delivery of Finished Product.

The final grant film will be making its way through the film festival circuit. Social Media Promotion will ensue about the release of the documentary.


Eccentric Artists would like to emphasize the involvement of all women filmmakers to join the creation of this documentary. Not only is this an opportunity to work on a funded short documentary film, but to also utilize this production as an educational setting for filmmakers to learn freely. The Eccentric Artists team would love to mentor those who are interested!

Please note that the following crew member positions are based on a "per-shoot basis." For examples, classes/rehearsals will consist of a skeleton crew, while interviews/shows set ups will require more key positions on set. We will be requesting your availability throughout March to Mid-July. Since the nature of shooting a documentary varies, we'll be determining shoot dates as they arise.

Do not hesitate to send in an application for our consideration! We'd love to create a roster of local filmmakers in Las Vegas, NV to build our team. Also do not hesitate if you believe your availability may not be as flexible, we can always discuss further about your involvement with the Eccentric Artists team! Whether you're available for. one or two days only, we'd love to have you!

Positively Arts — Documentary Crew
Please select which positions you'd like to be considered for:

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Empathon Filmmakers’ Grant

PlayStudios Grant Presentation:

'Supporting the next generation of creators, the myCAUSE Charitable Foundation is giving female filmmakers a voice to tell stories about the people and organizations who serve, support and lift the communities in which we live, work and play. The Empathon Filmmakers’ Grant is dedicated to encouraging diversity in filmmaking by providing mentorship and creating a platform for young women to showcase their skills."


Grant funding will be provided for the following:

  • $10,000 for Production Costs

  • $1,500 PlayStudios Premiere Party 

  • $1,000 for Film Festival Application Fees


A documentary, 15-20 minutes in length. Deliverables will include marketing materials such as trailers and other social media videos.


  • Currently enrolled in high school or college in Southern Nevada

  • Recent college graduate (graduating Spring of 2019 or later)

  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident

  • Team must consist of a producer, director and cinematographer (all who identify as female) and meet the above criteria.

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