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About Jeremy —

Hi! I’m Jeremy Le, a cinematographer, VFX artist, and director based in Las Vegas, NV. I graduated from UNLV with a Bachelor’s in Film in 2015. I started a YouTube channel with my best friend Danny Shepherd called Ismahawk when I was still taking classes. The channel took off when we made a web series called Nightwing: The Series (very original, I know..) and we have been building ourselves into a company and brand since then with over 600K subscribers as of 2021. It was through this that I picked up skills in the filmmaking process from top to bottom, including things like visual effects, special effects, and prop and costume making, etc.


Recently, Ismahawk has pivoted away from traditional YouTube content creation and moving into the narrative filmmaking space, with a focus in pushing what is possible in independent film with visual effects, action, and diverse storytelling. I am driven to create a community that drives and uplifts all artists across any walk of life with Ismahawk’s platform. Cheesy, I know, but we’re family here.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


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"Ismahawk is a film production company and YouTube channel founded in 2012 by Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le. Originally created as a platform to share their work, the channel has since captured the attention of fans worldwide.

Its growth has led the team to work and collaborate with a wide range of brands, creators, and clients. Each project is designed to tell high octane and visually stunning stories that run across the gamut of filmmaking; including a variety of action scenes, music videos, short films, streaming series', documentaries, and beyond. Our team is a diverse collective with a wide array of skills, allowing us to complete nearly every project in house. 

At our core, we are artists committed to crafting high quality one-of-a-kind experiences that cannot be seen anywhere else. We are Ismahawk. Telling stories through action."

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Eccentric Artists

Selection Statement

Who says comic book characters are child’s play? Jeremy took two things he loves: superheroes and film and made a brand off of it that has equated to millions of views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of subscribers! It just goes to show you don’t have to sit and dream and wait for big studios to notice you. If you can’t find a place that totally satisfies your creative needs, you can take matters into your own hands and fashion together a community dedicated to telling stories and making art. Along with his skills with the camera and with VFX, we greatly admired what Jeremy has been able to accomplish with Ismahawk. As they transition from YouTube to more narrative films, keep up to date with Jeremy and Ismahawk by visiting their website, ismahawk.com.