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About this Event:

Let's be real, Eccentric Artists created this month's Film Challenge theme because the board LOVES sharing our food with one another. So why not blend the two & just share food within our community! 

Our hopes with this Film Challenge is to compile a "Community Cookbook" where we share everyone's favorite recipes with one another!

If you're interested, listed below will be this months guidelines! 

Wooden Board

Stream will go LIVE on

Sunday, April 4th at 6 PM.

Mark your calendars!

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Along with your Submission, please include the following:

Answer this Question: 

Why did you choose this recipe & what does it mean to you?

(If you would like to include a Headshot or any BTS, we can use it!)


  • Videos must be no more than 5 min MAX in length.

    • Create a "Cook With Me" video in whatever format you'd like.

    • Examples: Instructional, Edit to Music, ASMR, TikTok etc.

      • You don't need any fancy equipment, just share your creativity however way you can!​

  • Choose whatever Recipe you'd like!​

    • Lumpia? Mac n Cheese? Even Cereal honestly!

    • Doesn't just limit to food - it can be a drink if you'd like. Or your dog's favorite treats!

  • The DEADLINE for Submissions is by Sunday, March 28th (8 PM PST)

    • Feel free to submit earlier, we encourage it!​

  • Register down below so we can get a head count!

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Film Challenge

Let us know if you'll participate!


Sunday - March 28th, 8:00 PM PST

Share your film with us via email:


Along with your submissions, answer the following question:

Why did you choose this recipe & what does it mean to you?

Film Screening


Sunday - April 4th, 6:00 PM PST


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