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All Featured Artists, 1st Edition

Fausto Darquea

Youtuber | Cinematographer | Editor

Fausto Darquea is a jack of trades in everything production and entertainment. He has been essential in the creation of award winning independant films and national E-sports broadcasts working closely with tech giants such as Blizzard, Epic Games, Elgato, and Hyper X. With his love for nerd and pop culture he has focused his knack for developing viral content into his own personal brand, Goodguy Gastly, and has gained over 60,000 subscribers on Youtube with over 12 million views and counting. He has been featured by various publications including Kotaku and Rooster Teeth and has had his cosplay photography go viral on more than a few occasions. Recently he has become fascinated with the world of interactive live streaming and improv.

Follow Fausto: Youtube, Instagram, Twitch

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