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Black and White Abstract Texture

"Künstlerroman" Short Film — Seeking Actors

Logline: Returning from a hiatus, a young painter struggles to create his debut piece. Discovering that old habits die hard, he delves into his old source of inspiration and takes a trip through his subconscious to find out why his creative spark has come to a halt.


We are currently looking for two characters:


  • Mr. Dartmouth (Mid 40s to mid 50s) - He’s a fast talking, no-nonsense type of guy. He’s very wise and street smart, but lacks a large range of emotions. Even though he’s usually all business, he has a soft spot for Alexander, whom he treats like a son.

  • The Woman (Black, Mid 20s to early 30s) - A tall and graceful woman who avoids being seen. Everything that she says in communicated through her subtle movements. She has an ominous, yet inviting presence.


Please view below for sides on Mr. Dartmouth and The Woman.




Production dates will take place in early November.

Copy, credit, and meals will be provided.


Please view the sides attached to the posting and submit your self-tape (for The Woman or Mr. Dartmouth) to

DEADLINE: Tuesday, October 24th

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