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sunday | january 31, 2021


sunday | february 7, 2021

Find a Date in 7 Days

a short film featuring you

To stay on theme with Eccentric Artists' plan for Community Events, this month's film challenge will introduce our Community Film Challenge!


What does that mean?

Eccentric Artists has created a short idea called: "Find a Date in 7 Days" - which will tell the story of multiple candidates Speed-Dating just in time for Valentines Day. 

What do you need to do?

Submit a Character of your creation! This entails you to create a skit of an eligible (or non-eligible) bachelor to pitch themselves as your single candidate in short amount of time! You can become anybody! An over-romantic? An overly hipster surfer? A lonely waiter at Chili's? You name it! 

What will happen with all the submissions?

Eccentric Artists' Editors will take your skits, edit them into a short films, and premiere it a week later!

Find out what happens to your bachelor at our community film challenge!

Will there still be an Audience Award?

We will still have one! Come up with the most unique character and you will receive one of our exclusive Eccentric Artists T-Shirts! We're currently in development of these shirts, but we're excited to finally share them with you one day! (All past Film Challenge winners will receive one!)

If you're interested, listed below will be this months guidelines! 


Stream will go LIVE on

February 7th at 6 PM.

Mark your calendars!

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Along with your Submission, please include the following:

Answer this Question: 

What were the inspirations behind creating your character?

Guidelines —

We came up with the scenario, now it's your turn to come up with your own content! All we need is a bachelor of your creation:

  • Skit Length ranging between 1 min - 1 min 30 sec.

  • Make up anything and everything about your character!

    • Occupation? Annoying Habits? Dress up as your character? etc.

Want to Join? —

  • Submissions Deadline: Sunday - January 31, 2021 (8 PM PST)

    • Feel free to submit your skits earlier!

  • Register down below so we can get a head count.

Pink Flowers

Find a Date in 7 Days

Let us know if you'll participate!


Sunday - Jan 31st, 8:00 PM PST


Sunday - February 7th, 6:00 PM PST

Share your film with us via email:

Along with your Submission, answer the following:

What were the inspirations behind creating your character?

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