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Casting Call for Las Vegas Short Film

Submitted by: Corbin Lopez

Directed by Rashida Makeda & Maciel Lara

An Afro-Latina who goes to a private school on scholarship tries to earn her spot to stay as the school loses funding, while also navigating the highs and lows of high school.

Applicants must be 18+.

CHOYCE- Actress, high school student, Afro-Latina

Quirky and off-beat teenager who is able to laugh at herself, but grows confident in her insecurities. Private school student but she doesn’t fit in. Spanish speaker.

RENEE- Actress, 40’s, African-American

Choyce’s mother, shows her tough love while still maintaining her nurturing qualities.

LORENA - Actress, high school student, Latina or Asian

Encouraging but sarcastic best friend to Choyce. Down for whatever.

LACY - Actress, high schooler, Caucasian

Private school mean girl. Confident and smart with an attitude to match.

SANTIAGO - Actor, high schooler, Asian or Latino

Cool (but not too cool) and smart, student government president. Love interest for Choyce.

CHARLES - Actor, high schooler, African-American

The cool nerd! Funny and sarcastic.

BRANDON - Actor, high schooler, Caucasian

Goofy and passionate student athlete & theater kid. Comedic relief.

CAMILA - Actress, high schooler, Latina

Sarcastic member of the school’s Spanish Society. Spanish speaker.

Also seeking recurring extras for both high school students (18+) and school faculty!

Planning to shoot in Las Vegas during Veterans Day weekend - November 10-12.

Credit, copy, and meal provided.

Reach out for sides at by September 24th!

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