Seeking Writing Partner | Script

Submitted by: Shane Pullar

Shane Pullar recently pitched an idea at UNLV's Graduate Screenwriting class & is in need of a writing partner to further develop his story.

Treatment Summary:

A personal drama about lost love & living with disabilities.

Previewed on this Bulletin will be the Main Character Biography. If you'd like to read more, Shane Pullar can provide his Treatment to this idea!

To express interest in this project, please email Shane Pullar at the following email:

Character Biography:

 Mike McConnell was born with Cerebral Palsy. Raised in a middle class Las Vegas household, his childhood was mostly happy. Bouts of isolation and loneliness did arise, as they do for all disabled children. However, his parents always pushed him into the real world, where his adventures prepared Mike to lead a truly independent life.

 For college, Mike chose Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. A small state school. Unremarkable in every except one. It was home to the nation's best program for students with disabilities. Mike took to college immediately, as a journalism major, Mike's second home was the campus newspaper. He excelled, eventually working his way to becoming the editor, as a senior. 

 Edinboro was also a time Mike found himself surrounded by disabled folks. He loved it. It reminded him of a camp he attended as a child. Mike quickly became best friends with Nate, the only other student on the floor from Las Vegas. Their friendship could have been called unexpected. Mike grew up having his own adventures in mainstream society. Nate did not. His terminal prognosis led his parents to understandably shelter their disabled son, leading Nate to be ill equipped for some of the social aspects of college life. However, Mike took him under his wing and tried to show Nate some of the wonders of Independent living. 

 During their sophomore year, Nate introduced Mike to Heather. She had Muscular Dystrophy (MD), same as Nate. Now, MD us a very specific disease. Its terminal, which a life expectancy within the range of 17 and 35 years. Mike knows all of this. He learned it at camp where he had many friends with MD. This is all in way of saying that Mike met Heather with eyes wide open. As he did two weeks later, when he admitted to himself that he was in love with Heather, and she felt the same.

 The couple spent three happy years together, til her death during their senior year. Although not unexpected, it of course still devastated Mike. Who has not dated since.

 After college, Mike moved back to Vegas and started looking for work. In the early years, he bounced around as a freelance reporter, until Henry brought him onto his newly formed Las Vegas news site. He's been there ever since.