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Open Crew & Casting Call for Short Film
Submitted by Kourtney Lyons

SUMMARY: A young painter is creating his debut piece for an exhibition after taking a two year hiatus. Lacking a clear vision, he takes a dive into old habits leading to a journey of destruction and self identification.

LOCATION: The auditions will take place in the UNLV Student Union (4505 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas , NV 89154) on THURSDAY, March 23rd. We are also accepting self tape submissions. Sides will be provided.

DIRECTOR: Kourtney Lyons

PRODUCTION DATES: Shooting in early June 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.


Looking to fill the following roles:​

  • Location Manager

  • Boom Operator

  • Sound Mixer

  • Script Supervisor

  • Production Assistants

  • Post Production Sound

  • VFX Supervisor

  • Composer

For Crew Positions, please email the following:

Sonia Portela:


Alexander - Male, early 20s, Black

He is an incredibly emotional yet detached young man characterized by his creativity and anxious behavior. He is guarded, yet eager to please others.

Mr. Dartmouth - Male, Mid 40s, Black

A fast-talking, no-nonsense type of guy. He's a supportive man but struggles with understanding Alexander's emotions as well as his own.

The Woman - Female, Late 20s, Black

On one hand, she is mysterious and has a haunting presence, but she is a down-to-earth woman whose smile radiates comfort

Extras - All Genders, 21+, All Ethnicities

Please email your resume and headshot to Auditions will be in person. Self-taped auditions will be accepted until March 11th. Sides will be provided through email. Copy, credit, and meal will be provided.

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