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Low Cost Equipment Rentals

with Peter Kelesis

Contact Peter for Rental Rate:
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Also available to G&E, AC, and Camera Operate


3x full apple boxes

3x mini apple boxes

2x impact C-stands

1x sky-high combo stand

1x Arri Tungsten kit (2x 650w 1x 1K open face with 3 light stands) 

1x Aperture 120D

1x bicolor dracast light panel

1x Wescott 4x4 C47DP Kit

1x 8x8 butterfly frame with diffusion and negative fill

2x 2x3 flags

2x 2x3 silks

1x 2x3 single flag

1x 2x3 double flag

3x foam bounces

1x foldable bounce

A lot of duvetyne

2x duckbill clamps

9x sandbags


1x atomos Shogun inferno external recorder/monitor

1x nucleus N wireless follow focus

4x Sony NP-F batteries

2x Sony NP-F chargers

Zeiss CP.2 PL lens kit (18,25,50,85)

1x Rokinon 35mm T1.5 cine lens EF

1x speed booster ultra MFT to EF

2x soft T's

1x cup holder

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