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Portrait Photography
with Genesis Palomo


I'm 24 years old, vegan born - Mexican raised. 

I'm not the best at describing myself or my feelings through words so, I guess that's why I fell in love with visual storytelling. I have a deep passion for listening and learning about different life stories. The human experience is beautiful and illustrating that through video and photo is my goal. 


I first picked up a camera in middle school and the journey since then hasn't stopped. I specialize in documentary filmmaking, but have developed a love for photography along the way.


At the moment, I offer portrait photography services. I'm also always open to collaborating on any films and can be reached via social media or email.


I'm not sure where I will be 5 years from now but I hope I'm producing informative and intentional content. 

To get in contact with Genesis, visit the following social links —

  • Instagram
  • Instagram

Check out one of Genesis' Future Projects and follow their instagram here!

Genesis recently shot our first Eccentric Artists photoshoot & she did incredible! We love her personality, professionalism, & would highly recommend her! 💕

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