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Photo Credits: George Mentchoukov

Film Set: Natural

About Angelica —

Angelica Williams (she/her) is an artist based in Las Vegas. She specializes in practical clay sculptures, such as custom ashtrays. From a young age Angelica has always shown an interest in the arts. In 2015, She became a UNLV film student and started working on student films. When it comes to film sets, you will usually see her working in the camera department as an assistant camera. In 2020, She graduated from UNLV and started a brand for her art: Earth Honey Art. She spends most of her days making ashtrays and working on her next big art project. Although her focus is mainly clay art right now, she is still involved in the film community. She films live performances, commercials, music videos, and she is working on productions as an assistant. Angelica's purpose in life, whether it be art or film, is simply to create.

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Selection Statement

With all the technical and administrative aspects of the film industry, it’s easy to forget that we are artists, too. Angelica Williams doesn’t let her proficiency with the camera make her forget about her passion for other forms of art. In addition to her work as an AC, Angelica also runs her own business selling her various artwork pieces (from handmade jewelry, rolling/ash trays to t-shirts, prints, and more)! Visit her shop on you’ll get just a glimpse of how creative she is.

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