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EACH YEAR we aim to make constant improvements to our festival, AND one of the great ways to do that is by hearing from you! this festival is genuinely such a labor of love from the founding mamas, and we hope one day we can fund this festival to become the best it can be for the arts community! currently it's fully self-funded by us, however that doesn't stop us from taking into account all of your thoughts and ideas of what we could explore for next year!

and if you happen to have any interest in being part of eccentric artists' team and our growth next year - let us know! the bulk of the work comes from the 4 founding mamas, and IT DOES REQUIRE a lot of time and dedication TO BUILD WHAT WE'VE CREATED IN THE LAST THREE YEARS, however if you happen to want to donate a few spare hours helping us prep for next year, that would be tremendous! in order to respect your time—we make it a point to work alongside your schedule to ensure it remains as a flexible task on a volunteer basis. all the help we get never goes unnoticed, and will one day pay it forward to you all once we achieve the big goal.

thank you all so much, and we still can not get over how well our 3rd year went! you made it all so special, and i hope you felt the genuine love we have for you and your art.


the founding mamas of eccentric artists

(nadine, tiffanie, veronica, and jem)


Would you like to be involved agin next year?
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